Winter Home Improvements

Although this winter season has been a warmer winter compared to others, there are days that are unbearably cold to leave the house. And if you find yourself sitting around for too long, you might start thinking of all the chores and home improvements that need to be completed. If you’re avoiding the exterior work, try doing renovations to the inside of your home. After all, it’s never too early to begin spring cleaning.

Window Treatment

Window TreatmentWhile sitting around the house during the winter months, you might feel a draft. Now is the perfect time to identify where outside air is coming into the interior of your home. The typical culprits are your windows. You can place a draft stopper at the bottom of the windowsill to keep your warm air in while keeping the cold air out. The draft stopper or draft snake will keep your home more comfortable and will also lower your energy bill since you are not losing as much of your home’s heating.

Paint Your Walls

Paint Your WallsIf you’re cooped up at home for too long, you might find yourself getting bored with your wall colors. And you might even notice areas on your wall where paint is chipping or pealing due to moisture. Try sprucing up your interior walls with new colors. Winter is the perfect time to repaint your walls as the dryness of this season is ideal for drying paint. And new bold colors will help you get out of your winter slump.

Add Insulation

Working caulking a wallYou can add insulation to your attic and caulk any holes and cracks that could be letting out your home’s heat. Adding additional insulation will also decrease your chances of an ice dam. If you have heat escaping your attic, your roof will be warmer, causing the ice dam cycle to begin. Not only will adding insulation keep your home warmer and prevent exterior home damage, it will also reduce your electric bills.

Try some of these home improvements during the cooler months. Not only will you be more prepared for spring, but you will also have less work to do.