Which Home Repair are You?

Have you ever compared your personality to a home repair? We’re guessing, most likely not. Learn which type of home repair YOU are by taking this fun and light-hearted quiz relating your personality traits to some of the most popular home repairs!

Are you…

A. In constant need of change
B. Experiencing some rough weather in your life
C. Feeling down in the dumps a lot
D. A tad disorganized

What color is your personality?

A. Rainbow
B. Daring Red
C. Go with the Flow Blue
D. Black, but with a few spurts of color here and there

Describe your “friend group”

A. Full of different personalities
B. Not much going on upstairs
C. Flooded with hard workers
D. Has a few loose wires

Your ideal dinner venue:

A. An urban art district
B. Roof top dining
C. On the beach
D. TV dinner

You would rather be…

A. Creating a masterpiece
B. Climbing a mountain
C. Spending a day at the pool
D. Working on brainteasers

What is your dream job?

A. Artist
B. Skyscraper Window Washer
C. Deep Sea Fisherman
D. Rocket Scientist

Mostly A’s: Exterior Paint Job
Mostly B’s: Roof Repair
Mostly C’s: Plumbing Work
Mostly D’s: Electrical Re-wiring