What to do After a Blizzard

You prepped for the blizzard. You took every precaution and followed all emergency procedures. But, sometimes, no matter how much you prepare, damages are inevitable. It’s important to go through this checklist to ensure your family’s safety and your home’s safety. A blizzard can potentially be very devastating for a home. But, not to worry! We are here to help you tackle any problems and get your family back to enjoying the winter season. 


1.     From your front door, check to see if there are any power lines in your yard. If there are, DO NOT try and get a closer look. If there is still power surging through the lines, the wet snow could cause a life-threatening injury. Don’t let children or pets run around outside. Call your local power company. Always wait for professional assistance.

2.     Make sure the batteries in your carbon monoxide detector are working. This is important as most homes will lose electricity during a blizzard and must burn wood or fuel inside the home to stay warm. 

3.     Check for broken water pipes and shut off the water supply until a professional is able to come and repair them. It’s important to shut the water supply off because your home could easily flood if left on. 

4.     Look around your home and check for any broken or shattered windows. Temporary fixes include covering them with plywood or taping blankets for insulation. 

5.     Check for any leaks in your ceiling as they could mean roof damage. If you notice any structural issues, try and stay with a neighbor. If that isn’t a possibility, you and your family should reside only in a safe section of the house.

6.     Listen to a radio for any road blocks or emergency announcements. Try not to drive if at all possible. 

7.     If you have a chimney, make sure there is no structural damage. You don’t want to light a fire and have the smoke backing up into your home. If there is damage, call a professional. Do not try and fix it yourself. 

8.     It’s important that you check for broken tree limbs as well. While they may not fall right away, they could fall later on and damage your yard or even cause potential injury. If there are broken limbs, have a professional remove them.


And don’t forget! If you notice any roofing or property damage, or simply want to be precautious, give your local Shamrock Roofing Restoration a call. We will be happy to give you a free inspection.