The Driving Force Behind Shamrock Roofing’s Success

It’s not every day that a franchise development company sees so much potential in one of the franchise brands it represents that it decides to buy a territory and become a franchise owner. But that’s just what Rhino7 Franchise Development Corporation did after discovering Shamrock Roofing Exterior Restoration.

When Rhino7 first got involved with Shamrock Roofing in 2012, they were performing as a mediocre franchise offering. Since that time, Rhino7’s knowledge and experience has restored and repaired this brand like Shamrock Roofing restores and repairs your home. While the story behind the relationship between Rhino7 and Shamrock Roofing is not typical, it’s what has made Shamrock Roofing such a hot selling franchise opportunity.

Shamrock Roofing’s “It” Factor

Shamrock Roofing’s “It” FactorWhen Rhino7 was first introduced to the Shamrock Roofing brand, they saw an enormous opportunity for a business that was being under-leveraged. There was a huge amount of potential in the insurance restoration industry that Shamrock Roofing was not tapping into. Rhino7 could see that Shamrock Roofing was successful, but could be dramatically more successful if the Rhino7 secret sauce was applied. Because Rhino7 believed so much in the Shamrock Roofing business model and was so excited about Shamrock Roofing’s unlimited opportunity, they jumped in wholeheartedly and invested in the fledgling brand.

Rhino7 Becomes a Shamrock Roofing Franchisee

Rhino7 Becomes a Shamrock Roofing FranchiseeRhino7 felt so passionately about the Shamrock Roofing franchise business model that they wanted to be even more involved than they normally are. Not only did Rhino7 invest in the franchise by becoming a franchisee, they bought a territory. Now, in addition to being an outside adviser and consultant, Rhino7 would also be an internal secret weapon. Working in both capacities, Rhino7 was able to implement some immediate and longer term changes to improve processes, which continue to be applied to the Shamrock Roofing business model today.

An Improved Business Model

An Improved Business ModelShamrock Roofing has an overall improved business model with new technology platforms, standardized hiring and job implementation processes, and a better managerial infrastructure. With an improved hierarchical structure in place, Shamrock Roofing’s entire system is held fully accountable, and they are better trained and educated to be able to effectively manage their responsibilities. Tightening up the business model and implementing more effective processes has made Shamrock Roofing a much healthier franchise that continues to thrive today.

A Healthier Franchise

A Healthier FranchiseRhino7’s meteoric success as a Shamrock Roofing franchisee in one territory allowed them to improve the entire Shamrock Roofing brand overall, quickly turning it into a multi-million dollar franchise. The most effective strategies are implemented across the entire franchise system, allowing for continued success today. Shamrock Roofing is rapidly selling franchise units, and is extremely well positioned for ongoing success in the exterior restoration industry.

Rhino7’s President and co-founder, John Cohen says Shamrock Roofing is projected to have tremendous growth this year, with goals that are likely to be exceeded. Cohen’s passion for franchising and business operations, along with co-founder Doug Schadle’s expertise in franchise sales, have really been instrumental in Shamrock Roofing’s rapid success.