December 7, 2015

If there’s one place where you want to be comfortable, it’s in your home. But a high level of humidity can really lower your level of comfort. Depending on the amount of moisture in your home, a dehumidifier might be just what you need to fix those levels and get you back into the comfort zone. What’s a Dehumidifier? Put simply, a dehumidifier reduces the moisture in the air. When there is humidity in […]

July 20, 2015

An air draft, beam of light, puddle of water, or an ant trail are all signs that it’s time to reapply caulk to your window frame. Your home’s windows are sealed with a flexible material called caulk and the purpose of this sealant is to fill the gaps and cracks that could lead to air leaks or letting in rain water. And while applying caulk to a window isn’t rocket science, it can be […]