Shamrock Roofing’s Property Inspection Process

Exterior damage to your home is more common than most people think. What seems like a minuscule thing can actually form into a major issue down the road. Minor cracks in your roof can lead to leaks, molding, and higher energy costs. Small dents, soft spots, and loose shingles create a weak roof. And tiny debris and cracks in your gutters can cause clogs, ice dams, and even allow water into your basement. With Shamrock Roofing’s free, no-obligation property inspection, we identify these risks at an early stage so that you are not left feeling overwhelmed and uncertain of what actions to take next.

The First Step in Our Claims Process

The First Step in Our Claims ProcessThe Shamrock Roofing inspection process is the first step in our 7-Step Claims Process. After you have filed your free inspection claim, Shamrock Roofing’s team of inspectors will complete a thorough property examination to document any exterior damages.


Hit the Ground Running

Hit the Ground RunningOn the day of the inspection, we will start by walking the grounds of your property looking for any hail and wind damage. We will identify if there has been any bruising on garage doors, wooden fencing, HVAC units, and other home elements caused by hailstorms. Inspecting the siding, painting, and windows of your home will also be inspected during this time. Hail has the ability to dent your siding, chip away at your exterior painting, and crack windows, while wind can pull your siding away from your home. Once the grounds of your property have been evaluated, with damages recorded, we then will inspect your roof.

Roof Inspection

Roof InspectionYour roof is essentially your home’s unsung hero providing protection from scorching heat, hailstorms, heavy rains and winds, as well as snow and ice. With all of these weather conditions, your roof begins to wear and tear over time, however these issues typically go unnoticed. Our inspectors are trained and have the experience to spot the hard-to-see damages immediately. We look at all roof components including the roof structure itself, shingles, and rain gutters. While assessing the upper exteriors of your home, inspectors record any dents, cracks, holes, and loose shingles that need to be repaired.

Your Insurance Company Working With Shamrock Roofing

Your Insurance Company Working With Shamrock RoofingThese problems are not always noticeable, and if they are, it is often too late for repairs and may need a total restoration. For this reason, insurance companies are ready and willing to remedy even the little damages. Damages that are not repaired will likely lead to bigger claims down the road, resulting in higher costs for both you and your insurer. Replacements are much more costly, in time and money, than early onset repairs. In most cases, our restoration services are covered by your property insurance policy. In cases where they are not, our team of professionals will provide you with a competitive quote to get your home repaired. Please contact your local Shamrock Roofing to schedule your FREE, no-obligation property damage inspection today!

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