Spring Cleaning!

Nothing says goodbye to cold snowy weather like spring cleaning! Spring is a great time of year to work on the exterior components of your home. The weather is the perfect temperature, where it’s not too hot and it’s not too cold, and the snow is typically all melted away. When you begin your spring cleaning endeavor, there are certain tasks you should do to avoid issues down the road.

Debris Clean Up

Debris Clean UpAfter winter has passed and the snow has melted, your yard is often left with a mess of debris. But before raking the leaves, start at the top of the house, removing any debris on your roof and gutters. A puddle of water could be sitting in your gutter due to clogged leaves and twigs. This can lead to rusting, cracking, and an overall weaker gutter. Once your roof and gutters are debris free, you can then rake leaves from your yard and garden. Although aesthetically pleasing to the eye, the main reason for doing this is so your yard and flowers have better access to nutrients that were being blocked by the debris.

Pressure Washing

Pressure WashingA pressure washer is a great tool to have because it can be used for so many things. When spring cleaning the exterior of your home, you can use a pressure washer on your siding and windows, your deck and fencing, as well as in your gutters. It not only gives your home a fresh clean look by removing stains and mold, but it also identifies any underlying issues like cracking.


CaulkingYour home is highly susceptible to cracking from the dramatic temperature changes. If you live in a climate with a high freeze-thaw cycle, cracking on your roof and siding will be even more common. Caulk will seal those cracks, but depending on the size of the crack, it may need further inspection by an expert. You can also rid your home of unwanted airways around your window and door frames by caulking those gaps. Caulking gaps around your window will keep bugs and pests out of your home while keeping in your cool air.

Pruning and Trimming

Pruning and TrimmingThere are certain plants that can be trimmed this time of year such as rose bushes, ornamental grasses, and summer-flowering trees. Pruning and trimming these plants allows proper plant growth and formation. The spring time is also a good time to remove weak or hanging tree branches that could damage your home and harm those on your property.

Spring is a beautiful time of year and your home should match the season. Be sure to keep up with your home’s exterior maintenance so that you are not left with expensive repairs at a later time. Although cleaning can feel like a chore at the time, it will greatly benefit you in the long run, so take this check list and get to work!