Spotlight: Why Is Shamrock Roofing in Apex, NC So Successful?

Shamrock Roofing has been and continues to be a strong brand. It is a unique business model with many driving forces contributing to its continued growth and development. Successful franchisees are a major aspect of the driving forces that make the brand stronger. Shamrock Roofing Restoration’s unit in Apex, NC has been having great success since beginning operations in 2013. With its solid company culture, hard work ethic, and mentality for doing the right thing, Shamrock Roofing Apex is off to a very strong start and continues to grow rapidly.

Customer Oriented

Customer OrientedShamrock Roofing Apex has found great success by sticking to basic principles and focusing on the right things. This franchise unit is extremely customer oriented and continually works to build lasting relationships with current and existing customers. The Shamrock Roofing Apex team follows the “customer is always right” approach, because making sure the customer is happy is this franchisee’s number one goal. To accomplish customer satisfaction, they always stick to their schedules, making sure the contractors show up on time and communicate well in advance if they will be delayed. They also stay in touch with customers, making follow up phone calls and immediately working on resolving any customer issues.

Spreading Awareness and Showing Appreciation

Spreading Awareness and Showing AppreciationFollowing the brand’s recommended marketing tactics has also shown great success for Shamrock Roofing Apex. Door-to-door canvassing has been a highly effective way for Apex to expand its market and increase awareness of services offered. Since the franchise is customer oriented, Apex holds an annual Pig Picking event for their current and past customers. It is a fun pig roast for the whole family to attend and is just another way of showing customer appreciation and saying “thank you” for their business.

The Right Mentality

The Right MentalityApex is among the many Shamrock Roofing Restoration franchise units gaining momentum in the exterior restoration industry. With a customer-centric attitude and highly qualified professionals, Shamrock Roofing, as a brand, has shown a significant increase in growth since 2003. Apex is just one of the many franchisees that follows this mentality of customer satisfaction through hard work and maintaining a lasting customer relationship. If you’re interested in learning more about Apex or any of the other Shamrock Roofing franchisee locations, do not hesitate to contact us. And remember, the initial home inspection is free!