Should You Replace Your Windows Before Listing Your House For Sale?

When it’s time to sell your home and you’re getting ready to have it listed, you want it to look its best. Not only should your home be appealing to the eye, but certain renovations should be done for peace of mind for the buyer.

A home is a large expense and the last thing a buyer wants to do after purchasing a home is dish out more money for costly renovations that could have been completed by the previous owner before listing. One of those renovations involves the windows.

Should you replace your windows before listing your home for sale?

The short answer is yes; you should replace your windows before listing your home for sale if they may create problems during the selling process. This is especially true for old, outdated windows and windows that may be drafty or even broken.

Why You Should Replace Your Windows Before Listing

Old windows can have a negative effect on how potential buyers view the home. Most buyers are looking for homes that appear to be move-in ready and old windows may take away from that appeal, turning buyers off.

Your home has to pass certain inspections. Older windows may not be up to par so replacing them before the home is inspected could avoid the potential for citations and a delayed selling process.

With energy bills increasing, buyers don’t want a home that is drafty or a home with windows that allow too much UV light in. Energy-efficient windows can save homeowners up to $500 a year on energy bills. This can be an attractive perk for potential buyers!

Old, outdated windows will also drive the price of your home further away from your asking price. If you want your asking price or at least close to it, you’ll want to replace your windows before listing your home for sale.

When to Replace Your Windows

The most obvious time to replace windows is when they are inoperable. If the latch, lock, or springs are damaged or broken, replace the windows before listing. This also includes broken windows which can present a safety hazard. Drafty windows should also be replaced to improve the overall energy efficiency of the home.

Other Renovations To Consider Before Listing Your Home For Sale

Another renovation you may want to consider is the siding if it is bent, broken, or otherwise damaged.

The front door is also the main focal point of the front of the house so replacing it can give your home a visually appealing boost.

Nearly 40% of a home’s curb appeal is in the roof, so if the roof is damaged or outdated, it will turn potential buyers off. Repairing or replacing your roof before listing your home for sale will improve curb appeal and home value.

Even with outdated windows, your home can still sell on the market.

Making any problems with the windows known to buyers is important, but buyers will likely negotiate and get the windows replaced at your expense anyway. The cheapest way for a buyer to do this is to request they are replaced before closing.

This is a more convenient option for you, since you have control over the type of windows installed and can set a reasonable budget. The other way for a buyer to cover the cost of window replacement is to request a credit. By using this method, the buyer controls what sort of windows are used, which can mean a heavier price tag for you.

If you’re thinking about listing your home for sale and want a free home inspection for windows, roof, and siding, contact us today!