Commercial & Residential Projects

Lower Cost of Materials

According to the most recent release of the Bureau of Labor Statistics Producer Price Index (PPI), the prices of goods used as inputs to residential and commercial construction including and excluding energy have risen 19.0% and 12.0%, respectively, year to date through September 2021.  Experts predict that they will keep going up.

Imagine if you spent a million dollars on goods over a calendar year and could save 20%. could save 20%.  Would saving $200,000 help your bottom line?

Quicker Return on Your Money

We will help you get paid faster! The time value of money (TVM) is the concept that money you have now is worth more than the identical sum in the future due to its potential earning capacity. This principle holds that provided money can earn interest or be used for creating additional profit.  Any amount of money is worth more the sooner it is received.

Up Front Financing

Like a credit card or a mortgage, up-front pricing allows us the opportunity to obtain products or services at the time we desire them.  Just like the time value of money, up-front pricing allows us the capability to seize on opportunities as they occur, as opposed to having to pass because of limited on hand cash.

Shamrock has had years of experience working with residential and commercial roofing projects.

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