If A Disaster Occurs – What Do You Do?

The most devastating storm is one that negatively affects your home and loved ones. Natural disasters are not always predictable and can come without any warning signs. You should always have a plan in place in the case of a bad storm, but after one has occurred, not everyone knows what to do. The physical destruction to your home, along with any emotional damage can leave one feeling confused and lost. To avoid panicking, here are some tips on what to do after a disaster occurs.

Check for Damage in Your Home

Check for Damage in Your HomeDisasters can cause serious damage that isn’t always easy to spot. After a destructive storm has passed, start by looking for damages inside your home. When inspecting the inside of your home, use a battery-powered flashlight and avoid using candles. Candles cause risk of house fires as they are often forgotten and can easily be knocked over. A battery-operated flashlight is both safe and portable, allowing you to check in areas that aren’t as easily accessible.

Gas Leaks & Electrical Damage

Gas Leaks & Electrical DamageWhen inspecting your home, check for broken gas lines and any electrical damage. You can tell if there is a gas leak by smelling for gas around the water heater and along gas lines. In the case of a gas leak, it is important to open windows and doors, while evacuating the house as quickly as possible. If you smell burning, there’s a good chance you’re encountering electrical wiring issues. In this case, be sure to turn off electrical circuits if they are not already shut off.

Leaving After the Storm

Leaving After the StormNever leave immediately after a storm as there can still be flying debris, loose hanging tree branches, broken telephone poles, and loose electrical wires. The NOAA Weather Radio or a community siren will be your best indicators of when it is safe to leave your home to seek help, if needed. Contacting neighbors, local authorities, and family members, if you have cellular access, is another way you can stay informed of the current weather conditions. You can also establish a good location to pick up any necessary resources like drinking water, first aid, and food.

Emergency Tarping

Emergency TarpingWhether encountering total destruction to your home or just minor damages, Shamrock Roofing Restoration offers emergency tarping services. Emergency tarping gives homeowners, like you, peace of mind knowing that your home will be fully restored. We take care of your home so that you can worry about making sure your loved ones are safe and sound. No one wants to deal with the clean up immediately after a devastating storm, so contact your local Shamrock Roofing Representative to take the burden off of your shoulders.