Hurricane Season Preparedness

It’s now hurricane season and we’ve got you covered with the essential hurricane preparedness resources to keep you ahead of the game. 2016 has already proven to be a hurricane-heavy year with Hurricane Alex in January. 2016 will continue to be a less than quiet storm season with an average of six hurricanes expected. And while you might not live in a coastal area, you are still susceptible to hurricane damages. Here’s a checklist to keep you hurricane-ready all year long.

Know the Risks

Know the RisksDepending on wind speeds and the intensity of the storm surge, hurricanes can cause serious damage to your home. Destroyed roofs and siding, flooding, and fallen power lines are just some of the damages you could experience. Tornadoes can also result from hurricanes, causing even more damages to your home and surroundings. Regardless of the hurricane category, hurricanes can be extremely damaging and costly, which is evident in some of the most notable hurricanes in the United States.

Know There’s a Risk

Know There’s a RiskThere are resources out there that will keep you in-the-know of an approaching hurricane. There are several weather alert apps for your smartphone that can notify you when your area is at risk for a hurricane. The NOAA Radio is an excellent source for severe weather updates for both national and local weather notifications. But before the hurricane is even an issue in your area, you should already be prepared with a plan in place.

Know Your Hurricane Plan

Know Your Hurricane PlanYou need to have a plan in place before the hurricane occurs. It needs to be a thought-out plan that you and your family members know. And whether you’re learning how to prepare for a hurricane or working on updating your hurricane plan, there are online resources to assist your efforts. Have a list of local shelters, evacuation routes, and important documents secured in a safe place. And remember to have a hurricane plan for your pets too! If it’s not safe for you, it’s not safe for them.

Know There is Help

Know There is HelpThe aftermath of hurricanes can be so severe that you must leave your home for several days until it is safe to return. If you are ever in need of immediate home repairs, contact a Shamrock Roofing Service Provider near you to assist with emergency tarping!