How to Prepare for a Hurricane

Hurricane season is underway and many are relieved to hear that the U.S. is expected to have another quiet year. And although there has not been a major hurricane in nine years (Hurricane Katrina), it’s predicted that this hurricane drought will create a rude awakening when the next one hits. No matter their size, hurricanes are extremely destructive. And whether you live on the coast or hundreds of miles inland, you can still be affected by a storm. To avoid confusion and panic, make sure you are prepared for when the next hurricane hits.

Start With a Plan

Start With a PlanJust like with any major storm, you need a plan. Shelters, emergency contacts, and ways to safe-proof your home should all be known well in advance of a hurricane. Trimming trees and shrubs around your property and bringing in all outdoor furniture will reduce the severity of damage to your home. Any furniture that cannot be brought inside should be strapped down and covered. An emergency safety kit should be made well in advance of any storm threats.

Hurricane Warning

Yield warning symbolWhen a hurricane warning is in effect, you should take immediate action and start preparing your home to avoid destruction. You should also shut off your propane tank, unplug any small appliances, and consider boarding up your windows. Boarding your windows as well as closing your blinds will add an additional level of safety, as the blinds will resist some of the shattered glass from flying further into your home. Make sure your car has a full tank of gas in case an evacuation is issued.

The Myth of Window Taping

The Myth of Window TapingIt is important that you do not tape your windows. This has been a common precautionary practice done in the past, however experts are now advising against it. Taping the glass creates more risks and gives people a “false sense of security” as it can create larger glass fragments. By not taping your windows, you will save time and possibly limit the amount of destruction done to your home.

Hurricane Destruction

Hurricane DestructionHurricane wind speeds are extremely detrimental and the destruction continues well after a storm has hit. By ensuring your home is continuously being maintained and you have a storm preparedness plan in place, when a storm does occur, you will know what to do. You can stay up to date with the latest hurricane news by visiting the NOAA National Hurricane Center website. If you have experienced any storm damage done to your home, please contact your local Shamrock Roofing Restoration representative to assist your needs.