Here Are Six Bargain Home Improvement Ideas

Homeowners often think that home improvements and repairs require major renovations and a substantial budget to accomplish but in most cases, it’s just not true. You can improve the efficiency, aesthetics, and value of lots of different spaces in your home with a few inexpensive tweaks. Here are some ideas for bargain home improvements.

1. Stop Clutter from Your First Step Inside

The entryway of any domicile carries the heavy responsibility of providing a welcoming space but often fails in its second duty to provide a storage space for drop zone items. However, you can solve both conundrums by installing a do-it-all storage system that offers a variety of storage solutions like a shoe caddy, lockers, a bowl for keys and change, or other accessories. You would be surprised how much organized you’ll feel by applying space-saving techniques throughout your home.

2. Recharge in a Single Location

With all of our modern devices these days, charging them up can be complicated. Take some time to organize a drawer or modular furniture to service as a charging dock for cell phones, music players, tablets, and other electronics. You can drill a hole through the back of a dresser to feed through electrical cords, firewires, and other charging accessories. If you’re feeling particularly futuristic you can investigate the benefits of wireless charging.

3. Change the Character of a Room with a Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans are a life-changing, relatively economical way to achieve dramatic, year-round energy savings, not to mention a lot more comfortable climate. In summer, these aesthetically attractive fixtures create cooling breezes, which helps take some pressure off of air conditioners, swamp coolers or other cooling appliances. In winter, they circulate heated air to keep the room warm. Here’s a basic guide on how to install a ceiling fan.

4. Protect Your Home from Rain Damage

Rain damage from storms and winter weather can be a costly problem, but it’s one that’s easily guarded against if you do some simple fixes in advance. First, ensure that you’re getting good drainage from your roof. It’s also important to inspect any chimneys or a sump pump because they can allow for rain damage if they fail. You’ll also want to fix any water leaks inside or outside the home. If you do suffer water damage, it’s critical to hire a water damage restoration company as soon as possible to avoid any potential health hazards.

5. Update Your Home Lighting

There are literally hundreds of ways to update your home’s lighting, which is a great way not only to change the aesthetics of a space but also boosts a home’s resale value. Using devices like dimmer switches, under-cabinet light strips, backlighting, reading lights or even motion sensors and modern light switches can transform the mood and character of your home from room to room. Simply switching from standard or halogen bulbs to LED lights offers a lifespan 30 times greater than other bulbs, not to mention using 80 percent less energy.

6. Consider Installing Skylighting

Skylights are a bit of an investment but they let homeowners have a beautiful view of the night sky while minimizing the need for more traditional light sources during the day. One nifty benefit is that a skylight can actually increase the value of your home. Some designs can also provide natural ventilation and all will help boost health by helping our bodies produce Vitamin D and aid in the production of serotonin, which helps increase our overall energy. Just speak with an expert before you make the investment in order to avoid any leaks or glare problems.