Getting Your Home Ready for Winter Weather

When it comes to preparing your home for a different season, most people only consider spring and summer. However, here at Shamrock Roofing, we know it’s important to get your home ready for more than just those two seasons. Getting your home ready for winter can make the transition to cold weather easier, saving you time, money, and effort.

Inspect Your Roof

Ensuring the safety and security of your roof can prevent damage and costly repairs later on. While you may think the roof looks fine from the ground, it’s best to have a professional inspect the roof.

When winter arrives, the cold may not present much of a threat right away. However, the constant expansion and contraction from weather changes can cause a lot of stress on your shingles.

If you have a flat roof, especially, it’s important to clean the leaves and snow off while getting your home ready for winter, since wet leaves can begin to weigh heavily on the roof.


If your home relies on firewood during the colder months, winter is the best time to stock up and stack up your wood. Make sure it’s dry and place it in an easily accessible area not too close to your home. Be sure to cover it to protect it from the elements!

Inspect Siding

Now is the time to walk around your home and look for damage in the siding of your home. Left untreated, damaged siding can lead to further issues and damage, presenting a costly (but avoidable) repair. If you happen to notice any cracks or holes in your siding, it’s best to have a professional repair it since they have experience and the structural integrity of your siding depends on a proper fix.

Clean the Gutters

Nobody likes cleaning the gutters but it’s a job someone has to do. While making sure your gutters are free of leaves and other debris, inspect it as you go along looking for holes and other damage that may jeopardize the function of your gutters.

Getting the gutters cleaned before snow is ideal but adding the weight of snow on top of leaves from fall can cause a lot of damage.

Windows and Doors

If you use storm windows and doors, winter is a great time to install them. Remove the screens from your windows and install your storm windows, checking the seals and caulk around your doors and windows as you replace them.

By doing this in the winter, you will notice an immediate impact in your savings and comfort!

Outside Spigot

To prevent a potentially costly repair in the event of water freezing, drain your garden hoses and turn off your outside faucets. You may have a valve inside your home that needs shut off. Do this for all outside faucets and store the hoses somewhere dry.

Water Drainage

Ensure proper drainage from downspouts to keep rain from flooding areas near your home and driveway. Improper drainage can lead to flooding yards which can lead to damage and leaks in your home. Clean your downspouts and make sure they lead away from your home, driveway, trees, and other features.

Getting your home ready for winter is a simple process overall, with many small steps in between. Prepare your home for winter by taking a walk around the inside and outside of your home and making sure everything looks and feels secure and warm. If you’d like a professional to inspect your roof, gutters, or siding, contact us today to claim your free inspection!