Classic, Earthly and Cheerful: Here are the Hottest Exterior Paint Colors for 2019

We’re jetting now out of the first quarter of 2019 and that means this year’s most fashionable trends for exterior paint colors for your house are starting to really fall into place now. Unfailingly, springtime has been a great time to tackle home improvement projects like painting, and mixing up the colors of your home’s exterior can be a great way not only to mix things up but to change you and your family’s mood as you get home.

1. Beige

Really?  Beige. Maybe the colors of Tatooine and Star Wars are finally coming to pass, since, um, tan, is a thing now. Admittedly, it’s a nice neutral tone – you might see it branded as “desert beige,” which is fine — but it’s admittedly a classic look with a strong neutral tone that can complement crisp whites for accents.

2. Stormy Grey, a Classic

Grey is a classic but this year’s preference is not your average grey, reflecting the awful storms and ugly weather of our times. This is one of the top choices for trending exterior house colors for 2019, communicating a stormy theme reflecting our times.

3. Moss Green

Wave to Groot — the Earthy tones and organic aesthetics of the Guardians of the Galaxy’s most soulful member is also the inspiration for this year’s most popular exterior remodeling project. Whether it’s his fault or not, soul green is skyrocketing in popularity this year, partnered with muted variations like dark gray and cream colors.

4. Lemon

Ok, props to whoever saw U2 struggle to come out of their custom-designed lemon during their weird Popmart tour (Yes, I saw it in Denver when it was snowing and I’m not sure anyone wanted to be there) but Lemon is back. Soft lemon siding is kind of a sweet, kind choice for exterior themes that strikes a great balance, depending on your choice of the color palette.

5. Smoky Red

Smoky is a thing now, but deepening shades of red seem to be dominating the palette these days. Like other visual choices that demonstrate visual dominance and strength, smoky red can be very cool when tapped along window panes, porch railings, and corner panels. It’s a wild card that leaves an impression on viewers.

6.  Blue is Back

I love a blue room — it’s the most peaceful color in my opinion, but it’s also hugely popular with home buyers, so that’s cool. Blue, in any of its shades, is cheerful and fresh and peaceful and has become one of the fastest trending exterior house colors of 2019, striking just the right tone with house buyers when paired with crisp white edging. Go figure.

7. Neutrals

A lot of the paint companies right now say that neutrals are a safe choice. While sharp paint colors like the ones referenced above can emphasize attractive details, minimize less appealing features, and present a more nondescript home, more neutral colors are not only a safe choice but can emphasize attractive details about the house, whether it’s for you or for buyers.