An “Executive Owner” Franchise Opportunity

Shamrock Roofing Exterior Restoration franchises operate under an “Executive Owner” business model. This is where the owner makes a full-time commitment to the business, but focuses his or her time on managing the managers and the team of people that implement all aspects of the business.

In order to become a Shamrock Roofing franchise owner, it’s not necessary to have experience in contracting or insurance restoration. It’s actually far more important to have experience and an aptitude for managing people and running a business.

Shamrock Roofing provides extensive training and ongoing support to franchisees, to help ensure successful operation.

Initial Training

Initial TrainingThe success of the Shamrock Roofing system depends upon uniform quality and service from each franchised location, which makes training a high priority. Prior to commencing operations, each franchisee is required to successfully complete an initial training program. This program consists of pre-training prep work, classroom and on the job training.

Ongoing Training and Support

Ongoing Training and SupportTo ensure continuous improvement to the overall system, Shamrock Roofing training and support never ends – with continuous advice on how to operate the business efficiently and effectively. Further, Shamrock Roofing works to keep its network as competitive as possible with updates to the system, research into new services and products, technologies and other market developments – passing this knowledge to its franchisees through operations manual updates, newsletters, written reports and telephone contact.

Contact Us for Information on Available Franchises

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